Episode 4 Dave: Helping People


Dave makes work fun. So of course recording this podcast was a joyful time. Thanks so much to the super talented Dave Glenn for taking time out of his busy schedule to be on the podcast!


Each guest is asked to fill in this blank. Their episode is how they answer the question.

“I feel happy when ___________.”

Dave: When I am helping other people.

Follow Dave on Twitter @davEDglenn

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  1. This is so my friend, Dave Glenn, and how he approaches life! To hear his joy, his expectation of each question and his clear analogies as answers are infectious for teachers and students !
    His perspectives of education, the process of a child’s learning styles and, even, how he redirects a child’s bad life choices are well explained in this podcast! This amplifies how David Glenn lives his life, as a educator and parent, with his pure joy and happiness. Always sharing a piece of himself to ensure that you become a “happy clam”, just by his excitement for lending you some help!


  2. The first podcast I’ve experienced and I think Dave Glenn did an excellent job. Very articulate and his intelligence never ceases to impress me. I sincerely wish more educators had his attitudes. So glad he’s a part of my family.


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